Jazz Fans Were Not Kind To Gordon Hayward In His Return To Utah

11.09.18 8 months ago

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Friday night is a big one for Gordon Hayward, as the Boston Celtics travel to Utah to take on the Jazz. Of course, Hayward was drafted by and spent the first seven years of his NBA career in Salt Lake City, only to leave the Jazz in free agency last summer and head to Boston.

While the Celtics played the Jazz last season, Hayward was unable to suit up following the season-ending injury he suffered during Boston’s first game of the 2017-18 campaign. Now, he’s 100 percent healthy and able to take the floor, meaning that Utah fans get to welcome him back for the first time since he left.

Since about 780 billion things have happened in society since then, you might forget that the circumstances under which Hayward left for the Celtics were a little odd — it was reported he made up his mind on joining Boston, then it was shot down, and a few days later, he announced he was leaving for Beantown. This made Utah fans mad, and on Friday, they got the chance to voice their discontent.

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