Jeff Van Gundy On Indiana: “Other Than James And Wade Running Into Each Other, At Full Speed, At Midcourt, How Do You See Them Winning 4 Out Of 7 Games?”

Jeff Van Gundy‘s name is circulating around head coaching vacancies. But if it were up to us, the Notorious J.V.G. should stay right where he is. He’s pure comedy from behind the booth and, when he wants to be, might be the best basketball analyst out there.

Last night during a brief exchange with Mike Breen, the play-by-play announcer indicated he believed the Pacers had a chance of upending the best team in the NBA in the Eastern Conference Finals. So Van Gundy then unleashed the Hatorade on the Indiana Pacers: “Other than James and Wade running into each other, at full speed, at midcourt, how do you see them winning four out of seven games?”

The Notorious J.V.G. is right. The Pacers are a solid team with an exceptional defense. But if they were to beat the Heat in a seven-game series (not make it tough… actually beat them), it would probably be one of the greatest upsets in playoff history. Then again, Indiana won two out of the three matchups this season, twice holding Miami to under 90 points. (Both of those wins came early in the season. The last time they played in early March, the Heat trounced the Pacers.)

Miami not only went 66-16, but since starting that mind-bending 27-game winning streak, they’re an insane 45-3.

Do the Pacers stand a chance?

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