Jimmy Kimmel Let Raptors Fans Talk Some Extremely Canadian Trash About The Warriors

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Canada is a nation known for its generally friendly demeanor on a global scale, but it’s also a nation that takes its sports very seriously. It’s a hockey country, first and foremost, but the rise of the Toronto Raptors this postseason has made America’s northern neighbor basketball crazy this spring. The Raptors have reached the NBA Finals and the nation has had record-breaking television numbers as Toronto takes on the Golden State Warriors.

And Jimmy Kimmel wants to show you that despite their reputation for kindness, Canadians can talk trash just as much as American sports fans. And thus, we have a segment from Late Night that shows off the best and worst of this trash talking.

Kimmel aired the segment after Game 3 of the Finals, which was played in Oakland. But the segment was filmed in Toronto and featured Raptors fans and other Torontonians swept up in Raptors fever that were given an opportunity to trash talk the two-time defending NBA champions.

The trash talk starts around the 1:50 mark and the first man, clad in a Raptors jersey, isn’t exactly about it.

“We don’t do that here,” he says. But as someone who has absolutely been heckled by Toronto sports fans, both in the Greater Toronto Area and elsewhere, he’s a dang liar. But a very polite one, in this case.

There are a lot of other polite liars here, but other fans did try their best to trash talk Steph Curry and Co.

“Golden State ain’t so golden anymore,” one woman said, leaving it without any further explanation. Ouch.