Joel Embiid Tried To Catch A Dinger At The Home Run Derby Just Like Every Other Fan

07.10.17 10 months ago


Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby isn’t for everyone but it can certainly provide entertainment. The 2017 edition included a first round that featured a battle between Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton and New York’s Gary Sanchez that was utterly magical, and that was just the beginning. This year’s event also featured a (very) high-profile fan scrapping for home run balls in the outfield stands.

That fan is Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid.

Yes, that is a seven-foot professional basketball player going hard after a home run ball and seemingly enjoying himself quite a bit. It isn’t crazy that Embiid would be at the event itself but, considering how far away his seats are from the plate, the always entertaining big man would almost have to be prioritizing the ability to go home with a souvenir ball.

Oh and, uh, Joel Embiid’s hands make a baseball look comically small.

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