Joel Embiid Is Calling Himself ‘The Phantom Of The Process’ Now That He Wears A Mask


The Sixers are red hot heading into the playoffs, winning their final 16 games of the regular season to lock up the third seed in the East and a matchup with the Miami Heat in the first round.

Making Philadelphia’s run even more impressive is that they’ve done so despite being without All-Star center Joel Embiid for the past two weeks after he suffered a facial fracture against the Knicks in a collision with teammate Markelle Fultz. The Sixers have cruised along without him but know they need him back to have any chance of a deep postseason run.

The good news is that a masked Joel Embiid has returned to the court to work on his game and get back in playing shape, with an eye on returning at some point in the first round, although it’s “unlikely” he can play in Game 1. In any case, Embiid seems to be in good spirits regarding his mask and even has a new nickname that he dropped on the people via Twitter on Wednesday night.

“The Phantom of The Process” is a phenomenal nickname, but Embiid must not be a huge Phantom of the Opera guy because he chose to roll with a Bane quote from The Dark Knight Rises as the first half of the caption.

Sometimes, you have too many jokes and references you want to make and just mash them together. I get it. Misquote aside, we’re all in on Embiid embracing the mask and having some fun with an otherwise unfortunate situation.