Joel Embiid And Other Players Started Recruiting LeBron James Right After The Cavs Fell To The Warriors

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06.08.18 2 Comments

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The NBA Finals have came to an end, with the Golden State Warriors sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers to win their third title in four years. Now that the games are finished, all of the basketball world’s sights are set on two things: The 2018 NBA Draft and a potentially chaotic free agency period.

The big thing that can make free agency so weird is whether LeBron James does what many expect and opts out of the final year of his contract. Just like the other times James has hit the open market, this would lead to a period of courting, rumors, and eventually, a decision from the best player in the world.

But before we even know what James is going to do, NBA players are doing what they can to put social media pressure on him to join their team. First up, Joel Embiid decided it wasn’t worth waiting for the game to officially end, as he tweeted at James during the fourth quarter about becoming a Sixer.

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