Joel Embiid Fired Back At Skip Bayless For His Bad Cowboys Take

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Skip Bayless is a professional troll who spent a lot of the formative years in his career in Dallas, so of course he’s a Cowboys fan. That’s a position that lends him to many smug proclamations that can blow up hilariously in his face. Naturally, he made a spectacularly short-sighted boast as the Cowboys tied up their game against the Packers with 35 seconds to go.

Nothing could possibly have happened after this, right?

Meanwhile, young Sixers superstar Joel Embiid is a Packers fan, as it turns out. He was tweeting his support for Green Bay throughout the game.

As he is perhaps the pro athlete who is currently the best at Twitter, Embiid is uniquely qualified to clap back at Bayless, and he took the bait from Skip like we all hoped he would.

As far as trash talk goes, this one’s pretty tame from The Process. It’s almost a shame, because responding to a troll like Bayless gives him more attention, and thus more power. Any shot taken at Skip has got to be vicious to make it worth it. But we’re still entertained by most anything Embiid does, so who are we to judge? Now we’re secretly hoping Skip invites Embiid onto his Fox Sports 1 show. That’d be something that’d get us to watch.