Joel Embiid Wants To Play For The Sixers ‘For The Rest Of My Career’

As teams continue to ramp up for the start of the new season on December 22, players met with media members during Zoom calls on Friday and subjected themselves all all sorts of lines of inquiry about the upcoming campaign, the changes their teams made during the offseason, and so much more.

Joel Embiid was among them, and Sixers’ star had plenty to discuss as he looks to capitalize the major upgrades his organization made in hopes of getting the team over the hump and into championship contention. But first and foremost, Embiid appeared to want to set a few things straight about both his future in Philly, and his dynamics with certain other teammates.

Never one to be cagey about what he means, Embiid told reporters point-blank that he’s committed to winning a championship with the Sixers and wants to finish his career there, if possible.

And on the topic of teammate Ben Simmons, Embiid also stuck to his usual tract of insisting that he wants Simmons on his team and that any rumors to the contrary are manufactured wholesale.

He also sounded off on bringing in Doc Rivers and Dwight Howard, the latter of whom he believe he can take some pointers from, as Howard was once one of the NBA’s premier centers.

All in all, the Sixers will once again enter the new season with a load of expectations, and a similar level of scrutiny, as Doc tries to get this team to a level they’ve never reached previously.