Watch Heat Rookie Josh Richardson Unwittingly Walk Into A Post-Game Live Shot

This is hysterical, which is saying something because we’re out of coffee and we don’t get any sleep during the playoffs.

That’s Josh Richardson in the video above walking into a live shot of Miami’s post-game show as he’s on his phone.

When he discovers what he’s done, he stares like a deer caught in the headlights at the camera before slowly shuffling backwards out of the aim of the camera.

The host, Jason Jackson, laughs uproariously as he watches it happen before offering up an entreaty to “Come on in, you did it already!”

Rookies, man.

We could offer up some quip about millennial culture, but you’ve read it somewhere else already, and everyone in every generation is on their phone now, so the trope is pretty tiresome at this point. Still, the way Richardson backed out of the view of the camera like he could avoid detection made our coffee-less morning a lot more bearable.

(H/T reddit; SB Nation)