PHOTO: Justin Timberlake’s Newborn Son Is Already A Huge Memphis Grizzlies Fan


Awww. That’s Justin Timberlake‘s newborn son, Silas, with Timberlake’s beau and new mom, Jessica Biel.

Silas was born just last weekend, and he’s already repping the Grit N’ Grind crew. Timberlake, if you didn’t know, is a Grizz minority owner, but he’s not just a bandwagon fan with a big bank account, since he lives in Memphis and, well, owns a piece of the team. The actor and musician will even play court-side cameraman for the day.

Of course little Silas is already rocking some Grizzlies swag. We just hope he averted his barely opened eyes for this bit of mascot tomfoolery:

(H/T Sporting News)