Someone Decided To Put A Kanye West Song Over ‘Roundball Rock’ And We Love It

04.03.16 3 years ago
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There is not a better theme song in the history of American television than “Roundball Rock.” For those of you who missed out on the legendary song, “Roundball Rock” was used as the theme for The NBA on NBC back in the 1990s/early 2000s. There are no words to it – well, unless you count the Saturday Night Live version of the song, which may be even more perfect than the original – it is simply an instrumental that the song’s original writer, John Tesh, sang into his answering machine when it popped into his head when he was in Europe one day.

This has been sampled a few times because it’s an awesome instrumental and it’s the perfect backing track for a pump-up song. Most notably, Nelly sampled this for his track “Heart of a Champion” back in 2004.

Now, someone on the Internet has decided to mix it with a song by another rapper: Kanye West. The beat is “Roundball Rock.” The Kanye song is “I Love Kanye” off of his newest album, The Life of Pablo. Here is the result:

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