Kendrick Perkins Was Somehow The Best Offensive Option For The Pelicans In the First Quarter

Do not adjust your screen settings. Do not call your Internet service provider. There is nothing wrong with your connection or router. What you are seeing is absolutely true: Kendrick Perkins was the New Orleans Pelicans’ best offensive player for an entire quarter last night.

With Anthony Davis struggling mightily and every other quality Pelican some form of injured, it was up to Perkins and the recently acquired Ish Smith to keep the team afloat. That’s a hard thing to do in any situation, but it was made even more difficult by the fact that Steph Curry dropped 24 points in the first quarter. Perkins did his level best, though, scoring eight points in the opening frame. They weren’t even garbage points! He executed a few nice drop steps, and even pulled off something that can almost be considered a “dream shake.”

For any other player, eight points in a quarter would be barely notable. For Kendrick Perkins, it’s a supernova explosion. Until Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday fully recover, the Pelicans are going to need contributions from unlikely sources just to stay afloat. One of those sources, apparently, might just be Perkins. It’s okay to be afraid in this strange new world – in fact, if you weren’t, there would be something wrong with you.