Kenyon Martin To Sign In China; Dennis Rodman Says He Never Talked With MJ & Pippen

Stop us if you’ve heard this before. A Denver Nugget is going to play in China during the lockout and will sign the largest contract in the league’s history. This is getting to be ridiculous. Do the Nuggets have some type of deal with frequent flyer miles? That’s now five core players heading overseas: first Wilson Chandler and Ty Lawson, then J.R. Smith, then earlier this week, Danilo Gallinari, and now Kenyon Martin. Is there anyone left? Of course, Martin is supposed to be a free agent so there’s no guarantee his terrible lip tattoo even makes it back to Denver, but there is a chance we see him playing in the NBA later this year. As was reported with Smith, the CBA season ends in March so there is a chance K-Mart could sign on somewhere in the NBA for the playoffs. But for now, the contract is with Xinglang Guanghui and it’s worth $2.65 million. Athletically, Martin is going to toy with the players in that league. It’ll be like he’s back at Cincy all over again. But the real thing that should worry Nuggets fans is what Martin wrote on Twitter, thanking the organization for a great seven years and that it’s “Time to move on.” If that doesn’t sound like a man ready for free agency, we don’t know what does … Martin might be down to experiment, but he can’t even warrant JaVale McGee expanding his offensive game. At the Impact League out in Vegas, Martin yelled “Hell mother f—— no” when McGee took a hook shot over the top of him, then told reporters later “He’s shooting the ball like he’s Kareem out there” … By the way, through three games at Impact, John Wall has 130 points … Rudy Fernandez will be going back home during the lockout to play for Real Madrid. Once he gets back there, who’s to say he will ever want to come back to the NBA? Would you want to play in Spain and be the best (or one of the best) player in perhaps the whole league or an average role player in the NBA? … Joining Fernandez in Spain might be O.J. Mayo who has been texting Marc Gasol to talk about teaming up overseas during the lockout. Juice admitted that this past season made him seriously question whether he wanted to keep playing ball because of all the issues, and his name has to be on any type of list for guys who really need a bounce back year. Perhaps playing overseas will give him the reps and the confidence to get it going again. To think that two years ago, a large percentage of people thought he was better than Derrick Rose … Memphis teammate Rudy Gay is back playing full-contact as well, and he looked really good in his first game (17 points, 12 rebounds, seven assists) … Dennis Rodman says that off the court in three years, he never had a conversation with either Scottie Pippen or Michael Jordan. We know the Worm is a little weird, but there’s no way we believe that. Rodman is all about exaggerating and putting his own little twist on things, so in this interview on “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” after the host asked if he really never talked to his Hall of Fame teammates, what was Rodman going to do? Dissapoint him? No way. It’s typical Rodman to say he never once spoke with them outside of the lines. But we just can’t believe that. It’s one thing to go your separate ways and only really connect on the court, but to say you never once had a conversation off the court in three years, we don’t believe you (you need more people) … Is there anyone outside of say Joel Pryzbilla or Eric Snow that The Game hasn’t named dropped or dissed? You can add LeBron James‘ name to the mix. We honestly haven’t checked for a Game single/album since like 2007 … And after two weeks, we’ve finally crowned the No. 1 movie baller of all-time. It’s no surprise that Jesus Shuttlesworth came out on top … We’re out like R.E.M.

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