Kevin Durant Believes He’s Bad Luck

When Russell Westbrook took three soon-to-be game-clinching free throws with under 10 seconds to play in Game 5 against the Clippers, Kevin Durant was on the other end of the floor, unable to watch. After KD spoke with the Oklahoman today, now we know why.

The ending of Game 5 between the Clippers and Thunder cost Doc Rivers $25,000 for criticizing the refs and Clippers fans most of their vocal cords. For KD, it was relief after he shot horrendously through the first 45 minutes. He couldn’t even watch Russ take his free throws after CP3 fouled his three-point attempt.

The Oklahoman‘s Darnell Mayberry (by way of Ball Don’t Lie) asked him why:

Oklahoman What can you tell us about not being able to watch the free throws that Russ took at the end?
Kevin Durant: I’ve been doing that all year, especially late in the games. It’s not like I don’t trust my guys to make the free throws. I think I’m just bad luck. Every time I go to a Redskins game we lose. Every time I watch a Texas game we lose. Every time I watch something it’s not going the way I want it to go. So I have to turn my head.

Oklahoman: You did that in Game 4 of the Memphis series when Reggie was at the line. What was more nerve-racking, Reggie’s or Russell’s?
KD: Both of them were the same, I think, because the game was on the line. But I trust my teammates, all of them. It might have gave people mixed signals but I don’t know, it’s just something I always did.

Oklahoman: Will you do it again? If it comes to it, will you turn away again?
KD: Yeah. I mean, it worked.

Makes sense, kinda… It might strike some as odd KD believes his very attention is a talisman for bad luck (he watches his own free throws and games, after all), but it endears him even more among the fans who watch and idolize him.

How many times are you watching your favorite team and leave the room when you think it’s helping them out? There’s even a freakin’ beer commercial about the concept.

Durantula is for the people, by the people and of the people.

(Oklahoman; H/T BDL)

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