Kevin Durant And DeAndre Jordan Celebrated Olympic Gold By Popping Bottles In Mykonos

Kevin Durant is riding high off his gold medal and trying to keep his mind away from the haters as long as possible, and it’s hard to blame him. NBA training camps start in just over a month, and he’ll have to start working out again before then, so he’s getting at least one last vacation in. As far as spots for the rich and famous to jet off to, the island of Mykonos in Greece is as good as any. It’s got bumping clubs, a killer coastline, and apparently, tons of pretty ladies on which to dump champagne. Durant and his buddy DeAndre Jordan did just that to celebrate Team USA’s third consecutive Olympic gold.

The above video, with a bafflingly intense intro and watermark from Mykonos Live TV, is a scene that we imagine plays out countless times in the NBA offseason — athletes go party, remember they’re rich and they can waste entire bottles of champagne and make the crowd go wild by doing so. J.R. Smith would wait to show up to that party until more people showed up.

Have to say, though, we are intrigued by that dance remix of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” at the start of the video. That’s a fire track right there.