Kevin Durant Is The Latest Superstar To Hit The Pit At Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour

10.24.16 2 years ago

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Maybe, just maybe, Kevin Durant really chose the Golden State Warriors in free agency this summer so he could go to a bunch of concerts with his buddies. Maybe. Sure, there are some occupational perks for KD in Oakland, but he’s also taken his time on the West Coast to get acclimated to the Bay Area life, and Sunday night he even hit up Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour show at his new office, the Oracle Arena.

Much like LeBron earlier this month, Durant wasn’t content to just be at the show, he hit the floor to mingle with the common folk underneath Kanye’s gaudy, floating stage and get hassled by good-natured selfie-wanters.

This comes just a week after Durant hit up Las Vegas with his new teammate Draymond Green to enjoy a Travi$ Scott concert from up close, like, part of the show close. It seems like the former MVP is just enjoying life at the moment and nobody can be mad at that, not even Oklahoma City Thunder fans.

Well, maybe the can. And Russell Westbrook. Him too. Check out more video of KD at the Saint Pablo tour stop in Oakland below.

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