Kevin Durant Tours His Hometown On Instagram

The long-limbed basketball wunderkind known as Kevin Durant was born in Washington D.C. to Wanda and John Pratt, who raised him with his grandmother Barbara Davis just outside the city in Rockville, Maryland. Durant took to his Instagram as he was rolling around where he grew up, and gave us a brief tour of his past.

If you’ve ever traveled back to where you born and raised, it can feel like an eternity has passed while you first recall the vestiges of your youth. You can tell in these videos how bizarre it is for KD to head back to where he grew up after all that he’s seen and already accomplished in a league he probably dreamed about in these same childhood haunts.

First KD rolled by his kindergarten and where he used to play basketball as a scrawny 95 lb. youngster.

Then it was on to the laundromat where he and his siblings used to spend a lot of time when he was a kid. Last is his grandma’s old house, which he has tattooed onto his torso.

It’s a pretty cool — if brief — look at KD’s childhood. A place that birthed one of the finest basketball players in the world and a place he still probably thinks of as home.

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