Kevin Durant, Who Requested A Trade, Says ‘That’s On You’ If You Have Doubts He’s Committed To The Nets

Kevin Durant had a very normal summer for an NBA star. He took some time to vacation abroad, worked out a bunch, and requested a trade the day before free agency that lingered for almost two months before taking it back and committing to move forward with the same team. All, run of the mill summer activities.

As such, Monday’s media day was business as usual for Durant, who fielded questions on his summer, the team around him, and his commitment level to the Nets after a failed trade request. KD pushed back on the idea he had anything to prove to Nets fans, saying “that’s on you” if you have any doubts to his commitment to the franchise he tried to leave this summer.

While I fully believe Durant will do what he always does on the court despite what transpired in July and August — and that’s a credit to his professionalism and competitiveness as a player — it’s a bit funny for him to say “that’s on you” when he was the catalyst for this entire saga.

It’s absolutely fair to wonder what KD’s commitment is to the franchise long-term and whether another effort to get out of Brooklyn could come next offseason, but if there’s any player who can separate a desire to leave eventually from what he’s doing on the court, it’s Durant. From that perspective, he’s right, and I’d expect nothing less than his normal, dominant self on the floor this season. What happens after this season ends, though, is anyone’s guess.