Kevin Durant ‘Wasn’t Used To’ The Attention He Received From His Burner Accounts

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Because we live in a day and age where stuff is happening all the time and we’re constantly being bombarded with information as things happen, big moments in the past can feel like they occurred eons ago. An example: In the time since Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant had a burner social media account saga in Sept. 2017, the NBA has gone through — conservatively — 500 billion different news cycles, including another burner social media account saga involving then-Philadelphia 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo.

Still, there was something uniquely odd about the Durant saga, because one of he two or three-best basketball players on earth going to the lengths Durant did to defend himself against Twitter randos is legitimately fascinating. As we learned from the latest clip from ESPN+’s “The Boardroom,” Durant was a bit surprised by the reaction to the ordeal, and he had his reason for creating the accounts.

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