The Announcer Cam Of Kevin Harlan Losing His Mind Over Furman’s Upset Of Virginia Is Incredible

There were a number of wild upsets in the first weekend of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, headlined by 16-seed Fairleigh Dickinson taking down 1-seed Purdue and 15-seed Princeton shocking not one but two teams to reach the Sweet 16.

The first major upset though came in a 13-4 matchup, when Furman topped Virginia in the craziest endgame sequence of the tournament thus far, as Virginia just threw the ball up for grabs after being trapped in the corner, with the Paladins stealing the ball and drilling a three to take a one-point lead with two seconds to play. It was a truly insane play and one no one expected, particularly those calling the game as Kevin Harlan, Stan Van Gundy, and Dan Bonner lost their minds courtside watching the final sequence unfold.

Thankfully, CBS Sports gave us the announcer cam footage of their reaction to the play live, which is an incredible glimpse into the three very different ways they all took in a shocking turn of events.

Harlan is unquestionably the star, as the always excitable play-by-play man almost fell out of his chair, then begged his colleagues to explain what the hell they just witnessed. Then there’s Van Gundy, who immediately recognizes there’s about to be a disaster for Virginia as soon as the ball gets thrown into the air, and then just sits there in stunned silence while Harlan screams next to him. Bonner might be my favorite though, as the veteran of so many tournaments and wild moments, he just yells “oh you didn’t need to do THAT!” as the pass goes up and immediately just turns to check the time and score to see what Virginia is about to have to overcome.

Announcer cams are always fun to watch after big moments, and this one is immediately one of the best as they all take it in differently, with Harlan delivering a spectacular call as he always does to really hammer home the chaos of the moment.