Kevin Martin’s Absurd Claim He Only Just Found Out About The Kevin Love Trade

This is a pretty crazy comment from Timberwolves wing Kevin Martin. His former teammate and fellow Kevin, Kevin Love, was officially traded to the Cavaliers back on Aug. 23. Martin, who spends part of his offseason in Ohio — OHIO!!! — told the Minneapolis Star Tribune‘s Jerry Zgoda he didn’t find out about the deal until this past Sunday, the day before training camp.

Here’s Zgoda recounting Martin’s apparent ignorance about the biggest trade of summer, involving his own teammate getting traded to the only city in Ohio — where, again, Martin was spending his offseason — with a professional basketball team:

Meanwhile, such word apparently travels slower to places like Ohio, where Wolves veteran guard Kevin Martin spends part of his summer.

“I didn’t know Kevin Love got traded until yesterday,” Martin said with a straight face at Monday’s annual media day at Target Center that preceded a midnight start to training camp in Mankato. “I’m not big on looking at blogs and all that.”

Is he f***ing kidding? Apparently he’s not. This reminds us of the people who brag about being in the dark about world affairs. Like they’re too important to be wrested from their day-to-day lives to think about anything beyond their tiny corner of the world.

Except, Martin was in Ohio, where every newspaper and local television broadcast was talking about the news for weeks! It’s not like Martin needed to peruse or any of the other outlets who were reporting the news months in advance when it became clear the Cavs would give up Andrew Wiggins with a handshake agreement in place long before the 30-day window expired after Wiggins signed his rookie deal with Cleveland. No, all Kevin Martin had to do was watch the freakin’ local sports report, or pick up a paper.

It’s not like Martin is some sort of ascetic monk who lives cut off from the rest of the world in an obscure moutainside retreat deep in the Pyrenees Mountains. HE WAS IN OHIO!!!! Even eremites in Ohio knew about the trade.

Martin is pretty familiar with Kevin Love, too. Martin padded his field goal percentage every time he leaked out after an opponent’s shot and caught one of Love’s trademark outlets:

Next thing you know, Martin is going to tell people he didn’t know LeBron was on the Cavs until the ‘Wolves actually play the Cavs this season!

Also, just so you know, Martin was obviously kidding; he just had to break the ice on media day:

Is Kevin Martin telling the truth?

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