Noted ‘Kid From Milwaukee’ Tyler Herro Is Excited To Buy A Damian Lillard Bucks Jersey

Tyler Herro is still a member of the Miami Heat. After being the hypothetical player around whom the team would build its offer to the Portland Trail Blazers in a Damian Lillard trade, Herro will go into this season with the team that drafted him after Portland opted to trade Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks.

It’s a bit of a weird spot for Herro, who was very publicly put in trade rumors for months by the team for which he’s going to play this year. And on Thursday, he decided to have some fun with the whole thing, saying that he’s basically prepared to find himself in the same spot next year.

After cracking this joke, Herro decided to be a little more serious while discussing the Lillard trade. Herro is originally from Milwaukee County, and he couldn’t help but express that he’s excited to get his hands on a Bucks uniform with their newest player on the back.

In a bit of good news for Herro (and anyone else who would like to get their hands on one of these), the Bucks apparently already have Lillard jerseys in stock at their team store, according to Marc J. Spears of ESPN.