Two Kids Recreated The Iconic LeBron James-Dwyane Wade Dunk Photo

Getty Image

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James created one of the most iconic visuals in NBA history when they connected on an alley-oop dunk back in 2010 near the beginning of the Heatles era in Miami. No image better encapsulated the athleticism and flair of the super-teammates.

Wade and James were teammates for one final time at the 2019 All-Star Game and Wade had an opportunity to throw a lob to his former running mate that was memorable, even if didn’t match the spectacle of the original dunk.

The impulse to relive that moment is still strong, even outside the NBA, and two young kids managed to create one of the better homages you’ll see.

With all due respect to the child in front who gets to play Dwyane Wade, and he captures the aesthetic pretty flawlessly, the grunt work here is done by the child who has to dunk as LeBron James. Kudos to the scream he appears to be yelling out, which is right in line with the force James generally exudes during a powerful jam. But more importantly, even with the aid of the table clearly in the frame, the height he gets on this dunk is impressive considering the stature of both children.

Credit also goes to the camera man (or kid?) for capturing what had to have been a rare successful dunk attempt during an undoubtedly lengthy process. As Wade and James demonstrated during the All-Star Game, it’s difficult to get this image right, even when blessed with their athleticism.

The kids have pulled off an impressive feat.