Klay Thompson Does A Pretty Good Stephen Curry Impression

10.31.13 6 years ago

We’ve seen Stephen Curry reach the zone before. MSG faithful still talk about his 54-point night last year like Steph played for the Knicks. But fellow Golden State wing Klay Thompson can get just as hot from the floor sometimes. Last night, against the Lakers, was one of those times.

While Curry has become an automatic must watch any time word filters through the Twitter-verse that he’s going off, usually in the third quarter, Thompson is equally capable of reaching a shooting apogee where the bucket looks as big as swimming pool, and the shots barely even touch the twine as they fall through.

In the first half of the Warriors – Lakers laugh fest that saw the Dubs win by 31, Thompson dropped 27 points in the first half on 10-for-12 shooting, including 5-for-6 from deep.

Thompson followed up that scorching first half by going 5-for-7 in the third quarter before coach Mark Jackson sat him down so he wouldn’t spontaneously burst into flames — a la NBA Jam.

It was a pretty decent Curry impression, and who knows how many he would have finished with if the game hadn’t turned into a blowout.

Just look at his shooting chart:

Unreal. Watch all the delicious jumpers from Thompson and remember Curry was relatively quiet on the night (4-for-10 from the field) and they still won going away. The Warriors are gonna be a lot of fun to watch this year.

What do you think of Thompson’s big night?

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