Klay Thompson Wants Steven Adams If He’s Stuck On An Island ‘Because He Looks Likes Aquaman’

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Klay Thompson is a tremendously fun basketball player, both because he is an historically great shooter and because his personality is a delight. Thompson is a pretty mellow dude, but when he lets loose, he’s a joy — just look at any of the times he’s gone to China and turns into a goofball.

Thompson got to do this on Friday night during a Reddit AMA through Fanatics. In addition to questions about things like his pregame routine (swimming in a cold pool and reading the newspaper) and the music he listens to (everything, specifically classical music while he reads), Thompson was asked about the crew he’d take if he was stuck on an island.

Practically, two of Thompson’s choices made sense — Steph Curry would be the guy who solves problems, Karl Malone would hunt. His third choice, and the first player he named, was based 100 percent on how said player looks.

“Probably Steven Adams up first because he looks like Aquaman and he would be well versed in the ocean,” Thompson wrote.
“Then probably Steph because it seems like he’s a good critical thinker and solves problems really well. And a third, man that’s a good question… who do I know in the NBA that likes to do outdoor stuff. I’d probably pick, Karl Malone because guy is a great hunter I guess. He’d be the hunter and gatherer of the crew. He has huge elbows, knock some animals out.”

Thompson wasn’t done discussing Adams, as he was asked if he was tight with the Thunder center. He said no, but praised his game, saying “he sets hard screens,” “he’s annoying to play against,” and “he’s huge.” Anyway, let’s get a television show in which Adams and Thompson are on an island for a week. Put it on pay-per-view or behind a paywall or something if you want to, television company, I am prepared to go broke watching this.