Klay Thompson Explains Why Timofey Mozgov’s Screen ‘Seemed Kind Of Dirty’

Klay Thompson, he of the hilarious joke about the Golden State Warriors being better than his father’s “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers, wasn’t all that funny after his team lost Game 3 on Wednesday night.

Thompson left the game during the first quarter after colliding with the Cavs’ Timofey Mozgov and said afterward that he felt the contact was “kinda dirty.”


He was chasing Kyrie Irving through the paint at the time of Mozgov’s pick and didn’t understand why it happened.

From ESPN:

“I didn’t get it. I don’t know. I’m guarding Kyrie, running full speed downhill. I just don’t know who is trying to set a pick on me in the middle of the key,” Thompson said. “If it’s on the perimeter, I understand. But didn’t make sense to me.”

“It seemed kind of dirty to me,” Thompson said. “He stuck his knee out too, but, you know what, that’s basketball.”

It seems odd that Thompson thinks people don’t set screens inside the 3-point line, but he does have a point about Mozgov extending his knee. But really, the Warriors looked defeated by the end of the first quarter anyway, so this is probably just frustration Thompson had building over the final three quarters.

If you’re Mychal Thompson, today would be a good day to joke on your radio show about how the “Showtime” Lakers wouldn’t have whined about the contact because all of their players were tough or whatever. Let’s keep that news cycle turning until Game 4.