An Earthquake Caused The NBA To Postpone Friday Night’s Summer League Action

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A day after an earthquake shook southern California and the surrounding areas, the first night of Las Vegas Summer League was suspended following a second quake in the same area.

An earthquake registering a 7.1 magnitude hit and the effects of it were felt all the way in Las Vegas, where the ground shook and the scoreboard and speakers in the Thomas and Mack Center where the Knicks and Pelicans were playing in the fourth quarter. Zion Williamson’s debut had already ended due to banging knees in the first half, but players were removed from the floor and play was suspended with 7:53 to go in the fourth quarter following the quake.

It was a fairly scary moment, and the game was delayed until it was deemed safe for players to return to the floor since very heavy things hanging from the roof were rocking overhead.

In L.A., the Dodgers game was likewise interrupted by the quake, as the Padres pitcher managed to throw a strike during the shake, which is an extremely impressive feat.

Hopefully everyone in the SoCal area and beyond is safe following the second earthquake in as many days. In Vegas, stadium workers went to the rafters to ensure everything was intact and still functioning properly (and hadn’t been shaken loose) before allowing the teams to return.

After a bit, the league decided to call the remainder of the night’s games in the Thomas & Mack Center, postponing them until Saturday or beyond.

In the other gym, Cox Pavilion which does not have a jumbotron over the court, they were checking for seams in the court after the quake despite the game continuing until halftime.

It was determined the court was fine and play continued in the smaller gym.

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