Knicks Coach Kurt Rambis Made It Seem Like Arron Afflalo’s Demotion Might Help Him

arron afflalo
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Ever been demoted at work? Or had your responsibilities reduced despite solid numbers and positive reviews? There’s no other way to take it as a knock on your abilities and you have a reason to be upset, as it hurts your potential future earnings.

If that’s not upsetting enough, it’s even worse when your boss tries to make you believe this is great for you.

That’s what Knicks coach Kurt Rambis did to Arron Afflalo, who he’s relegated to coming off the bench in recent weeks. He explained in the New York Post why demoting Afflalo to a bench role is the greatest thing ever.

“Him coming off the bench adds nothing but value to him,’’ Rambis said. “Whereas some teams may not be looking at him if he decides to opt out of his contract, teams might have someone at his position and don’t think of him coming off the bench, well, they start to go to [think], ‘OK, he has the right attitude and can add productivity.’ I just think the more versatile players are, the better they are around the league, the more things other teams can see the possibility for them.’’

Considering how obviously annoyed Afflalo was in the first place, hearing that may result in another scathing Instagram message.

(Via New York Post)