Kyrie Irving’s Excited To Play On Christmas, Even If He Doesn’t Consider It A Holiday

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By now, everyone knows Kyrie Irving is a different breed of cat. Whether he’s talking about the shape of the earth or his relationship with fans, Irving is just one of those dudes who is wired differently, which is always a good thing. It’s fun to hear him comment on just about anything, because you know he will approach something with a different perspective from everyone else.

For example, Irving was asked his thoughts on Christmas after Boston fell to New York on Thursday night. What followed was the hottest take imaginable: Irving doesn’t consider Christmas a holiday.

“The hoopla on Christmas, I don’t really get into that,” Irving said while meeting with the press. “I don’t really necessarily think of Christmas as a holiday so I’m just happy I get to be with my family. Looking forward to playing in front of the fans on the 25th, just playing against a high-level Washington team and going against great guys in there. Then of course, opening presents and that whole thing.”

Saying he doesn’t really get into Christmas is one thing, but to straight up say he doesn’t consider Christmas a holiday is unique. This could be taken as Irving saying he doesn’t celebrate Christmas for, say, religious reasons or something like that. But it could also be taken as Irving goes through all of the usual Christmas traditions — namely when he says “opening presents and that whole thing” — but doesn’t think of it as a holiday, which is a new one.

Either way, Irving probably would be content with beating the Wizards on Dec. 25, as he would be on any other day of the year.