Someone Made A Video Of The Best Places In Cleveland To Burn Kyrie Irving’s Jersey

08.01.17 11 months ago

Kyrie Irving‘s still a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and he might be for a few more months at least, but it’s good to think ahead. When Irving inevitably leaves Cleveland, how will fans react? Where will they congregate to take out their anger on Irving for breaking up the Cavs earlier than anyone expected?

Burning jerseys has, for some reason, become a tradition of angry sports fans after a player scorns their franchise in free agency — or in this case, a trade request. Jazz fans torched Gordon Hayward jerseys when he chose Boston over Utah, and, most famously, Cleveland fans burned their LeBron jerseys in anger following The Decision to go to Miami in 2010. knows its readers need answers to those questions above and also know that it is a mortal lock that Kyrie jerseys will get burned sooner or later. That’s why they put together a very funny, tongue-in-cheek video showing the best places to burn your Kyrie Irving jersey once the trade inevitably goes down.

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