Putting Kyrie Irving Quotes In ‘Watchmen’ Comic Panels Is The Funniest NBA Meme Of The Year

01.09.18 4 months ago

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Sam Sheehan writes about the Celtics for CelticsHub and on Tuesday he created one of the best memes of the NBA season. Celtics fans and bloggers are getting their first full look at the Kyrie Irving experience, which as you probably know can include some very interesting quotes.

Irving likes to challenge conventional wisdom about just about everything, and he’s certainly done some pondering about the life, the universe and everything. Irving’s wokeness has become one of the strangest storylines of the past year, since it was revealed last All-Star break that he’s a Flat Earther (or, at least is acting like one).

Those monologues are pretty unique in basketball, but perhaps they aren’t so unusual if you put them in another context like, say, comic books. That’s exactly what Sheehan did on Tuesday, when he posted some photoshops on Twitter that swapped out quotes from Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen fame and used things Irving has actually said to replace his monologues (with the added touch of doing it in comic sans font).

The result was, of course, hilarious.

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