A Lakers Fan Is Now $100,000 Richer After Draining Halfcourt Shot


While the Los Angeles Lakers were busy trying to defeat their future teammate Anthony Davis and the rest of the New Orleans Pelicans to hold on to their playoff hopes, Dean Tran may have stolen the show.

Tran had the opportunity to take a halfcourt shot for the MGM Big Shot Jackpot in-between the third and fourth quarters of the Lakers eventual win over the Pelicans, a $100,000 prize awaiting him were he to be successful. And successful he was. Tran, who’s a college counselor, nailed his heave and immediately broke out LeBron James’ “silencer” celebration, and ode to the star sitting on the bench not to far away.

Tran, who initially wanted to try his attempt with his back to the basket but was eventually talked out making an already difficult thing infinitely more difficult, told the Los Angeles Times that he’d been working on trick shots every since he was seven years old.

“I just had to visualize it, block out everybody and take my shot,” Tran said.

As for what Tran is going to do with those extra six figures that are about to appear in his bank account? Apparently buy a Ferrari, which is what he yelled out immediately after sinking the shot. He also wants to cop a toy Ferrari for his son, because that’s a thing of equal value. Here’s hoping his kid at least asks for a PS4.

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