The Lakers Debuted Classic Edition Jerseys Honoring Their Minneapolis Roots

Apparently, Monday is Classic Edition Jersey day throughout the Pacific Division. The Golden State Warriors unveiled their Run TMC Era look Monday morning and the Los Angeles Lakers have followed suit with their own retro announcement Monday afternoon.

Do I get considerable UCLA vibes from these? Yes. Shout-out former Bruin and current Laker, Russell Westbrook. Do I think these are a slam dunk (ha, get it?) and find myself delighted by them? More importantly: also, yes.

The white backdrop complemented by sky blue and golden-rod yellow trim is a great trio of colors. The old-school Nike logo is a splendid touch. It’s clean. It’s simple. It’s gorgeous. When I was a freshman and sophomore in college, I developed a passion for retro basketball jerseys and amassed an extensive collection. Transport me back to that era of my life and I’d be quickly shelling out my next pay check to snag one.

A lot of the retro jerseys debuting the past few years throughout the NBA have rocked. I like these ones a lot. The Houston Rockets’ navy blue pinstripe kits whip. The Memphis Grizzlies’ Vancouver jerseys are top-tier. The Minnesota Timberwolves’ royal blue look last year, a nod to the Kevin Garnett Era, was superb. There’s a lot to like out there these days. Hopefully, Nike and the NBA keep delivering.