Lonzo Ball Had A Fantastic Reason For Walking Away From The Lakers-Suns Fight

Associate Editor

Fights in the NBA are generally pretty overblown. They get called fights, but in actuality, there almost always aren’t any punches thrown and it never escalates beyond some shoving and a few guys getting nose-to-nose. There are some notable exceptions, sure, but for the most part, NBA fights are closer to harmless scraps than Malice at the Palace.

Lonzo Ball completely understands this, which is why you could catch him treading lightly during Friday night’s Lakers-Suns game. Late in the fourth quarter, Phoenix called a time out while Tyler Ulis was bringing the ball up the floor. Ulis ran into Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and some pushing and shoving broke out involving a collection of Suns and Lakers players, most of whom were trying to play peacemakers.

It was largely uneventful, as there weren’t any punches thrown or anything like that. The most notable thing (other than Ball) actually might have been that it sounded like the television announcers might have wanted Devin Booker to be at the center of things for some odd reason.

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