Lance Stephenson Finally Forced A LeBron Technical With A Spectacular Flop

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The Indiana Pacers trailed the Cleveland Cavaliers by 10 entering the second half of Game 4 on Sunday night, but as was the case in each of the first three games, things tightened up late. Indiana managed to take a two-point lead midway through the fourth quarter on the heels of a comeback led by Domantas Sabonis.

While Sabonis handled the scoring during the comeback, it was Lance Stephenson that helped extend that lead by one point as he finally succeeded in frustrating LeBron James into a mistake.

LeBron and Lance’s battles are well known, with LeBron almost always coming out ahead. But on Sunday night, Stephenson got LeBron to crack ever so briefly. After a timeout, Stephenson walked next to LeBron back towards the Cavs huddle, undoubtedly saying something to James in the process, and got LeBron to give him a light shove that he embellished with a solid flop to earn a technical foul.

The Pacers made the free throw and took a 92-89 lead out of the timeout, and in a series where many of the games have come down to slim margins, that could turn out to be important. In any case, Stephenson got a rare win off of LeBron in this moment.