Last Night, In Basketball: A Halftime Adjustment Helped Ben Simmons Shred The Pacers

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Ben Simmons can’t shoot. You know this. I know this. Ben Simmons knows this. Every opponent that plays against the 76ers knows this and tries to figure out how to make Philly pay for it.

Some of them can do it, and when they do, things look really, really ugly for the Sixers’ offense. But some of them can’t, even when they have a really good defense and they try all sorts of different things to stop him, and even when they hold him largely in check for half the game.

This is exactly what happened for Simmons against the Indiana Pacers on Thursday evening. Simmons had a muted first half, with his contributions limited to five rebounds and four assists while he went 0-3 from the field and turned the ball over give times. After halftime, however, the Sixers began using Simmons differently, and he simply tore the Pacers apart.

How did this happen? We’re glad you asked. Because that’s what this week’s edition of Last Night, In Basketball is all about. And as you’ll see, it all had to do with moving Simmons to the post, where his lack of shooting gets de-emphasized and his floor vision is of maximum value.

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