The Internet Had All Kinds Of Fun With #LaVarBallSays

Here is a brief list of things that LaVar Ball has said over the last few days:

  1. He believes his son, UCLA star Lonzo Ball, is better than Steph Curry.
  2. He believes that, when they were both in their primes, he could have taken down Michael Jordan. LaVar didn’t mean any of his sons, he means himself.
  3. The shoe endorsement deal that his three sons could end up getting? Well, LaVar and the boys won’t even listen to you unless you offer $1 billion.

LaVar Ball is as brash as it gets, which, sure, it’s annoying at times but it also leads to some tremendous comedy. For example, Twitter started up with the hashtag #LaVarBallSays on Tuesday afternoon. The results were fantastic.

One decided to get really topical and be about the hell that is filling out a bracket for March Madness.

As long as they all mirror our complete and totally accurate picks, he should be fine. Switching gears for a second, one of these mentioned O.J. Simpson.

Some decided to get into the world of sports…

…while others feature him doing just crazy stuff in real life.

Even Wizards guard Brandon Jennings decided to get in on the fun. He made fun of his famous statement about what was going to happen when the No. 8 seed Bucks played LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the first round of the 2013 postseason.

However, the most absurd one involves what Ball would do in the front office of a certain NBA team.

Come on, y’all. Some of these are funny but that one goes too far.