Steph Curry’s Daughter Has Been Challenged To A Dance Off By Leah Still

Riley Curry and Leah Still are two of the cutest, social-media-ready Sports Children in America, but they’re part of different worlds. Riley’s rise to fame coincided with her dad, Stephen Curry, leading his Golden State Warriors to the NBA championship. And Leah’s fight with cancer is one of the more inspiring storylines in the NFL, thanks to the efforts of her dad, Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still.

Now, their worlds are colliding in the best way possible.

Motivated by Riley showing off her moves on her mom’s Instagram, Leah laid down a challenge in a video posted by her dad.


Gauntlet thrown. It’s amazing to see that Leah is doing well enough to lay down some serious moves, and put in some attitude for good measure. And if this doesn’t turn into a miniature, adorable version of You Got Served, we have all failed as a society.

(Via Instagram)