LeBron James Ruthlessly Pinned This Courtney Lee Dunk Attempt Against The Backboard


The All-Star break officially came to an end on Thursday evening, as the NBA returned to action with a six-game slate. As you might expect, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were prominently featured and the best team in the Eastern Conference did not disappoint. In fact, LeBron flashed some rested legs in the fourth quarter and New York Knicks swingman Courtney Lee felt his wrath as a result.

Lee’s course of action probably wasn’t the wisest in this instance and James made him pay for an ill-conceived dunk attempt. Cleveland’s bench erupted almost on cue after the ball was swatted away and LeBron made his presence felt by virtually stopping Lee’s progress dead with sheer physicality.

While this type of play would be impressive at any point in the game, James being able to uncork this in the fourth quarter of a (lopsided) game is even more noteworthy. There is, of course, the notion that Tyronn Lue should be keeping a more watchful eye on the number minutes his stars play this season, but with the way that the league’s best player looked here coming off a week-plus of rest (at least from game action), it would be hard to blame anyone for thinking he is indestructible.