LeBron James Reacted To His Son’s Coast-To-Coast Take With A Playoff-Mode Celebration

Remember the outcry when LeBron James unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers on social media? The hysteria made sense at the time. Not only had the four-time MVP recently posted a series of photos that many took as a subliminal dig at his current teammates, but a story published shortly thereafter included a sexy quote about James’ desire to eventually team up with Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony.

That was enough for Cavaliers higher-ups, who reportedly pleaded with their superstar for emotional level-headedness with the postseason fast approaching. The result? James has entered unofficial playoff mode, leading Cleveland to five wins over the six games he’s appeared in since by averaging 27.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 9.3 assists per game on 55.9 percent shooting. He hasn’t gone completely dark on social media, but the 31-year-old is suddenly playing with the trademark fire and fervor on a nightly basis that we’ve come to expect from him every spring and early summer.

How is James channeling his boundless energy off the court these days? By watching his oldest son, LeBron, Jr., dominate the local AAU scene.

Notice anything familiar about James’ reaction to his 11-year-old’s block and coast-to-coast take?


The postseason is almost here, and LeBron is amping up the intensity just in time.