LeBron James Had A Hilarious One-Liner About All-Star Votes And How Donald Trump Got Elected

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LeBron James has entered the phase of his career where he will say whatever he wants, without having to worry about the ramifications and potentially upsetting people.

Recently, he’s been ripping into the Cavs for not building a better team around himself, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and hasn’t taken a second thought to being very direct about his frustrations. In the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election, he was vocal in his support of Hillary Clinton, making him one of the rare super famous athletes to take an active, forward stance in politics.

So, it should come as no surprise that the NBA’s most prominent superstar would have no problem making a joke at President Donald Trump’s expense when asked about some weird All-Star votes that came from the players this year.

That is a tremendous one-liner from LeBron, and I’m all here for when athletes get to such a comfortable point with their careers and fame that they just speak their mind. James isn’t worried about angering Trump supporters. He’s not Michael “Republicans buy sneakers too” Jordan. He just has a feeling and lets people know about it. In this case, it’s befuddlement about how Trump won the Presidential election.