Here’s Draymond Green’s Iconic Block On LeBron James Recreated With Emojis

The NBA Finals were filled with memorable moments, but few were more iconic than Draymond Green blocking LeBron James at the rim. It was a stunning feat of skill and athleticism, captured perfectly at the exact right moment. Instances like these deserve to be celebrated, recreated through any and every medium. Well, apparently, someone decided to do just that, re-imagining Draymond’s block through, you guessed it, emojis.

While the use of emojis may illicit a frown or even the roll of some eyes, it’s actually pretty impressive how the artist was able to recreate the moment so accurately. It’s a tremendous collage, really. A reproduction made with stunning attention to detail. Who knew emojis could go from being throw away icons in texts and social media to forms of high art?

LeBron James, Draymond Green
Getty Image

[Via Julie Phayer]