Claymation LeBron James Wearing A Cubs Uniform Is Worth Your Time Today

What’s going to be the worst part of this year’s Super Bowl? The politician bet. The mayor of New York (where the Giants don’t even play) will bet the mayor of Boston and if the Giants win, the Boston mayor will have to ship clam chowder to New York and if the Patriots win, pizza or something. Who cares?

But athlete bets are cool. LeBron James will arrive at United Center on Friday night dressed in a Cubs uniform over a World Series bet with Dwyane Wade. This will be funny. It will be a meme. Someone will somehow use it to show why hockey players are better than basketball players. But even before James’ arrival, we have something that never comes with political sports bets — Claymation!

That’s some animated ownership. Although, wouldn’t it be truly embarrassing if James had to wear a Bulls uniform? Imagine being on some 10-7 team instead of the Cavs? Sad! Or even worse, is it a good idea to piss off James a couple hours before he plays your basketball team? Can’t you see the postgame interview? “I really wanted to show Wade not to mess with me and this 48-point win is dedicated to the Indians team that fought so valiantly.”

Maybe Wade didn’t think this through.