LeBron Finally Paid Up On His World Series Bet, And The Results Were Predictably Great

Though he is a professed Yankee fan, LeBron James adopted his hometown Cleveland Indians during their improbable run to the World Series this year. While repping hard for the Indians, LeBron even put his pride where his mouth was against his friend and former teammate Dwyane Wade when Wade’s hometown Chicago Cubs made it to the World Series to face Cleveland. Wade and James came up with a silly bet, and because money is really no object to those guys, the wager was all about humiliation and not cash. The bet was simple: whoever’s team lost, the loser would have to show up to their next game in Cleveland or Chicago in a full uniform of the winning team.

As everybody knows, the Cubs came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat their century-long curse and won the Series in a dramatic Game 7 in Cleveland. LeBron was in attendance, and pumped, but even James and Shirtless J.R. Smith weren’t enough to will the Indians to victory. So, a bet is a bet and Friday night in Chicago LeBron finally paid his debt in hilarious fashion.

With Wade by his side, giggling and recording every moment, James waltzed into the United Center in Chicago in a full Cubs uniform, and, as he put it “pin stripes all the way down to the shoes.” LeBron even rocked a specially made pair of his Soldier 10 shoes to match the uniform. Much like a Lannister, apparently a LeBron always pays his debts too, NBA dress code be damned. If nothing else, you can’t say LeBron isn’t a man of his word, thankfully for all of us. After this loss, and his loss to Draymond Green last year, it might be time for LeBron to stop making public wagers with his NBA friends.