LeBron James Wants To Hang Out With Jim Carrey After Seeing His ‘Unbelievable’ Artwork

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A video surfaced on the internet over the weekend of Jim Carrey showing off his ability as a painter. While Carrey’s ability as an actor is held well-documented, his ability with paint, brushes, and a blank canvas is something that seems to have caught a lot of people off guard. He showed what he can do in a six-minute mini-documentary called I Need Color, and you should watch it immediately, because it’s fantastic.

In such a short amount of time, we learned about a side of Carrey that has been around since 2011 as he looked to “trying to heal a broken heart,” but flew under the radar save for a few things he’s posted on social media. He’s an incredibly talented painter, and the way his mind works while he is telling a story through art is beautiful.

And it cannot be stressed enough that Carrey is really good at this. At one point he mentions that he would frequently sketch as a kid, but he’s still relatively new to painting. His work, especially when it comes to pictures of Jesus, is fantastic.

It looks as though LeBron James agrees with this and is enamored with Carrey’s work. LeBron quote tweeted that tweet from up above and said that he wants the opportunity to see Carrey’s art in person some day.

Unsurprisingly, Carrey is totally down for this arrangement, joking that this would bring two guys named King James together.

LeBron has always been the kind of guy who appreciates “greatness” in its various forms, and Carrey’s artwork is an example of this. It’s also extremely cool to see LeBron — who is literally the best basketball player alive and on the short list for the most famous person in the world — be so blown away by someone’s ability with a paintbrush.