LeBron James Focused On Justice For Breonna Taylor In His First Postgame Press Conference In Orlando

NBA teams in Orlando began taking part in competitive scrimmages this week, with plenty of attention paid to how players are rounding into form after the extended hiatus prompted by COVID-19. However, many players are choosing to place the focus on social justice and, in the case of Jerami Grant, Paul George, Donovan Mitchell, Alex Caruso and others, athletes are making it a point to demand justice for Breonna Taylor — the woman who was shot and killed by Louisville police while in her bed after they executed a no-knock warrant.

On Thursday evening, LeBron James addressed the media, both in person and over Zoom, following the Lakers’ first scrimmage, and he immediately made it clear that justice for Taylor was his focus. The NBA’s most visible and important player began by offering a statement and, when prompted to elaborate, he didn’t hold back.

After the opening statements, James was prompted about his team’s energy during the scrimmage and, in short order, he pivoted things back to Taylor, saying that energy the Lakers are utilizing on the court is “the same energy we have in seeking justice for Breonna Taylor.” Later, James continued to speak on racial inequality.

James then reflected on the progress, or lack thereof, in recent years, referring to the fact that Barack Obama was president in 2016.

At the conclusion, James pledged to “harp” on seeking justice for Taylor moving forward, using his substantial platform to promote awareness and enact change. As he said during a media availability that extended for more than ten minutes, James has been vocal in the past when he feels informed to do so, and that is certainly the case here. Given that the NBA will draw a great deal of attention in the coming weeks and months, messaging will be key and, in short, James has the largest voice in the sport, with a willingness and passion to speak his mind with passion and effectiveness.