LeBron James Praised Kyrie Irving’s ‘Growth’ After Their In-Season Phone Call

02.16.19 5 months ago

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The relationship between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, once as frigid as a North Dakota winter, has warmed of late. The thawing began with a phone call from Irving to his former Cavs teammate, where Irving expressed regret for, essentially, being a stubborn young player who wanted to be “the man” in Cleveland and have, in Irving’s words, “everything at his fingertips.”

The call came on the heels of some frustration for Irving, whose Celtics have had an up-and-down season, and a specific annoyance with some of the younger players on Boston’s roster. Being “the man” is harder than wanting to be “the man,” a fact Irving has now learned for himself.

We hadn’t heard much from James on his thoughts about the call, but during LeBron’s media availability on Saturday during All-Star Weekend in Charlotte, he spoke glowingly about his former point guard and the maturity that phone call showed him.

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