LeBron James Let Marcus Smart Know He Wanted No Part In Scuffling After A Hard Foul

Marcus Smart did not appreciate the physical nature of LeBron James on Thursday night. James backed down Smart, who may have absorbed some elbows in the process, and drew a foul on the way to the rim.

Whether he was displeased about the elbows or the foul, Smart was angry and ready to let James know about it after the whistle.

A video posted by SportsCenter (@sportscenter) on Dec 29, 2016 at 8:30pm PST

James, however, did not care.

What’s James supposed to do here? Fight Smart? That wouldn’t have been… smart. This isn’t hockey where two guys have to square off every time one feels wronged. The only move James had was to be dismissive of the smaller man’s anger with an “Is This Guy Serious?” face because that’s more humiliating than getting beaten up anyway. This way, Smart didn’t even get the opportunity to do that thing NBA guys do where they bark and never throw punches. Now everyone is laughing because of LeBron’s dismissive face.

Although, some Skip Bayless type — maybe even Skip Bayless — will hot take you away by saying James should have been more forceful with Smart because that’s what winners do. Or something. Even money says you get that take somewhere today. And when you do, make the LeBron face.