LeBron Wants To Start An Ownership Group To Buy The Atlanta Dream After Kelly Loeffler Lost Her Senate Race

History was made on Tuesday evening as projections showed that Rev. Raphael Warnock topped Kelly Loeffler to earn a seat in the United States Senate. Warnock, a Democrat, is projected to become the first Black Senator in the history of the state of Georgia, and while the results are expected to become official sometime on Wednesday, Loeffler, a Republican, is on her way out.

It is a legitimately shocking development, even beyond the history made by Warnock, as he faced a gigantic uphill battle earlier this year in the state’s “jungle primary,” which featured a number of individuals competing for the seat. But one moment in particular appeared to put the wind in his sails: WNBA players wearing “VOTE WARNOCK” shirts during their Bubble in Florida.

The demonstration came because Loeffler, who co-owns the Atlanta Dream, made inaccurate and disparaging remarks against the Black Lives Matter movement, and a number of players — including many on the Dream — wanted to speak out. The shirts begat Warnock getting a rocket strapped to his back, flying up the polls, and ultimately, becoming a Senator-elect.

Now that Loeffler is out of a job, though, LeBron James wants to make sure she cannot return to the Dream. James tweeted that he would like to put together an ownership group to buy the franchise, and made sure to include a picture of players wearing those “VOTE WARNOCK” shirts.

James’ tweet quickly received an endorsement from Dream guard Renee Montgomery.

Montgomery was one of several members of the Dream who narrated a video for James’ More Than A Vote initiative encouraging voters in Georgia to head to the polls this week. Loeffler was not explicitly named in the video.