LeBron James Poses With Fanatic Showing Off Crazy LeBron Tattoo (Pic)

03.12.14 5 years ago

At Dime, we’re all about the ink, but tattoos are a pretty crazy way to express your fanaticism for an athlete you’ll probably never meet. Not so for one young LeBron James fan (we’re assuming he’s young because only young people make decisions like this), who ran into his idol and got to pose for James’ IG.

Here’s the fan showing off the work on his back while standing next to his — we’re guessing lifelong — idol, James:

The caption reads: “This dude came into the @thejuicespot with his lady today. Got him some juices and showed me this while he was at it. Had to take a flick with him #WOW #WitnessHistory #StriveForGreatness

So that’s pretty cool, and we’re guessing the fan never expected he’d be able to show off his ‘Bron back tat to the man himself.

Taking a detour from the editorial “we” for a moment, so you know I’m not just being a self-righteous jerk about all this, but I personally have four tattoos on my body (and only one of them was done sober, which is extremely stupid and dangerous, so don’t do that kids). Even under the influence of bourbon, none of them feature specific people, and I’d caution against this sort of tattoo idea — even though you might get featured in Dime.

Tattoos are permanent, which is sort of like saying cigarettes are bad for you. But people still smoke and people will still get ridiculous tattoos. Not all of you will be lucky enough to meet the inspiration for your tattoo, either. And even if you do, the significance and relevance of the work could take a turn after the fact. Just think if James opts out of his Miami deal this summer and bounces for somewhere else. What does this fan do?

There are a few Cavs fans nodding their heads right now…

(H/T Deadspin)

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